Mineral Oils Catalogue

Mineral Oil 50, 70 & 85

Used as pharmaceutic products vehicle, cream base, cosmetics, food packaging materials, industrial products, in electronic industry, etc.

NF Mineral Oil

Available in 50, 70 and 85 NF.

Liquid Vaseline

It is used as a vehicle in medicines; as a component of cosmetic products (particularly creams), as a carrier of essential massage oils; In food as binder, defoamer, lubricant, demoulding agent, fermentation aids and protective coatings.

Liquid Vaseline AA & AAA

Soft, creamy, slightly yellow white, translucid or opaque, homogenous, nearly odorless and tasteless mass. Insoluble in water, almost insoluble in alcohol and very soluble in benzene, bisulfide and carbon tetrachloride, chloroform, turpentine essence and oils.